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Dinos Appliques


Dinos Appliques

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Dinos Appliques 2 per card Dinos & Monsters Collection.

Description: Use Dinos Appliques to add whimsy and charm to babys diapers apparel accessories and other craft and home decor projects..

Material:Nylon Terylene Blend.

Instructions for Use: For diapers made from PUL fabric: Hand sew or machine sew using narrow zigzag stitch along edge of applique. See instructions and tips in booksold separatelyfor backing applique with additional PUL. Do not use iron when applying applique on PUL fabric..

For items made from other fabrics: Appliques can be stitched or ironed on. .

To iron: 1. Set dry iron to appropriate fabric setting. 2. Place applique on fabric and cover with press cloth. Press for 10 15 seconds. 3. Turn item to wrong sidecover with press cloth and press for an additional 25 seconds..

Care Instructions: Machine wash warm tumble dry medium heat. Do not bleach.

Helpful Hints: After sewingseal needle holes in PUL by placing in clothes dryer on high heat for 20 minutes. Use good quality polyester thread for sewing seams and trim to deter wickingof moisture from diaper. Appliques can be stitched or ironed on.