Lace & Trim

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Trim with elegance with this high-quality selection of laces and other classic trims. Perfect for clothing, home décor, and more, these fabrics will add a dash of your personal style to any design. Shop our linings & trim collection for other home projects, or browse our other embellishments for creative complements to your finished product.


  • $23.99/YD $16.79/YD
  • $2.49/EA
  • $5.99/EA $4.19/EA
  • $3.99/EA $2.79/EA
  • $2.49/EA
  • $2.99/EA
  • $7.99/YD $5.59/YD
  • $7.99/EA $5.59/EA
  • $8.99/EA $6.29/EA
  • $6.99/EA $4.89/EA
  • $4.99/EA $3.49/EA
  • $4.99/EA $3.49/EA