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Out with the old, in with the new! Replace your ancient sewing machine with an all-new updated system from our selection of mini, standard size, or computerized machines. These machines are powerful, compact, and highly efficient to take care of all of your sewing needs. You can also browse our collection of sewing storage systems for travel or compact storage.


  • $79.99/EA $49.99/EA
  • $99.99/EA $89.99/EA
  • $229.99/EA $199.99/EA
  • $399.99/EA
  • $349.99/EA $299.99/EA
  • $21.99/EA
  • $99.99/EA $49.99/EA
  • $199.99/EA $99.99/EA
  • $149.99/EA $99.99/EA
  • $299.99/EA $199.99/EA
  • $149.99/EA $99.99/EA
  • $199.99/EA